Iceland 2016 - Randy LeMoine

Day 1 - Flight to Keflavik

We left JFK airport at approximately 9pm EST. The flight aboard IcelandAir was very smooth and allowed us some time to get some shut-eye before the long trip ahead. Upon arrival, we grabbed our luggage, camera gear, some local smoothes, a bottle of whisky and headed out the airport terminal for what would be 11 amazing days of photography.

The weather was pretty dreary as heavy overcast clouds covered the sky and a slight chill was in the air. This was something we were pretty much aware of as Iceland's’ weather can change rather rapidly. We all converted our outerwear to suit the current conditions in Iceland and trekked over to Cars Iceland (, our car rental company.

The guys at the counter were very cool and informative. They provided us some useful tips about what areas to potentially explore as well as some useful websites that we could check during our trip to confirm road ( and weather conditions (

Once packed, we headed over to Bónus ( right outside the airport exit and stocked up on food supplies for the coming weeks. Bónus is probably the best supermarket you can run into if you want solid groceries that are reasonably priced. The food quality is equal to if not better than what we have back home in NYC.

We finally had all the supplies we needed and decided to hit the road and head straight for our first location...Bruarfoss.

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